Now accepting nominations for 2018!

What is the Postpartum Shepherd award?

The Postpartum Shepherd award is given annually to a person who has been nominated for protecting and guiding another through Perinatal Mood and Anxiety disorders (PMADs). 

A Shepherd is a person who protects, guides, or watches over a person or group of people.

In 2017, the inaugural year, the award was distributed to three very deserving family members; John McFarland, Beatrice Jacobs, and Judy Litchfield. My husband, grandmother and mother respectively. 

I would not be alive without the three of them.

The concept of being a Shepherd is as old as time and usually conjures up images of sheep and biblical stories. For me, in addition to those images, I see their faces tending to me, caring for me, and being an advocate for me as I suffered through three bouts of PMADs. 

The amazing thing was, not one of them really knew the extent of my suffering and they certainly did not know that they were saving my life.

For you, this award given in honor of your postpartum shepherd, is your chance to tell those around you how they made a difference in your recovery. 

Nominate someone today!

Nominations will be considered on a rolling basis and one winner will be announced before Thanksgiving 2018! Just in time to show how thankful you are for their support. 

While all nominations are worthy, only three awards are granted each year and voted on by a committee. We encourage everyone to recognize their Postpartum Shepherd in their own way. 

  1. All nomination stories remain confidential unless a waiver is signed to share.
  2. All nomination stories remain in the ownership of the nominator.
  3. This is not a monetary award.
  4. Only one nomination form per person.
  5. Can be awarded to a family member, friend, office, hospital, or provider (anyone or any organization).
  6. If your Postpartum Shepherd  has passed away, they are still eligible to be nominated. You can keep the award in your own home in honor of them, or share it with a family member.
  7. Enter by emailing Ingram Screening at  with your story. In the subject line, please write, Postpartum Shepherd Award Nomination.
  8. In the case you are awarded the Postpartum Shepherd award, a copy of your nomination will be sent to you on official Ingram Screening letterhead so you can share it with the recipient.
  9. In the case you are awarded the Postpartum Shepherd award, you will need to provide us with the name of the individual and we will customize and purchase the award. The award will be shipped to you at no cost so you can present it to your nominee in person.
  10. Other questions? Contact us!