Why We Do It


Our mental health system is broken, people are slipping through the cracks and our owner Lynn Ingram McFarland was one of them. She was unscreened through three pregnancies and almost lost her life.

PMAD’s are a global health crisis that impact 1 in 7 families worldwide. 

They are the number one complication of giving birth and are consistently listed as one of the top three causes of maternal suicide. According to the National Coalition of Maternal Mental Health (MMH), “pregnant women and mothers in the postpartum period are not routinely screened for maternal mental health disorders, though there are recommended screening tools.  

This is largely due to a shortage of and the inability for screening providers to easily find qualified healthcare providers who can provide necessary treatment, including psychiatrists, medical doctors who can prescribe medication when necessary, and therapists like psychologists, social workers, counselors and more (mmhcoalition.com).”  

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